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Website build for a statewide mental health campaign

In 2020, the US Congress strengthened and expanded the existing National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by designating a new 988 dialing code that provides a direct connection to compassionate, accessible support for anyone experiencing emotional or mental health-related distress. Mental Health America of Greenville County partnered with Miolo to help bring the South Carolina 988 website to life.

Discovery and Strategy

We started with a discovery workshop to better understand the goal of the 988 website. We determined the primary goal of the website was to make it easy for people to call, text, or chat 988 so that they can connect to the support they need, when they need it. The secondary goal was to educate the public about this important resource in order to raise awareness and encourage donations.

Brand Definition

We created style and messaging guidelines that pulled from national 988 branding standards, while targeting audience goals that were specific to South Carolina.

Content Writing

Next we wrote website copy for each page, making sure to cater to each of the website’s audiences: youths in crisis, adults in crisis, parent/adult referrers, youth referrers, and mental health advocates.

Design and Development

After writing copy for the site, we designed and developed the site in WordPress. We ensured ADA compliance and implemented a translator widget so that the site would be accessible to both English and Spanish speakers.

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Since launch, the website has received 115 texts, 89 chats, and 72 phone calls from people seeking mental health support. The website gets over 4,000 Google search impressions a month after less than a year since launch.
Google search impressions/month

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